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Students and Graduates

Careers Services for Undergraduates

These can last between 90 minutes. The session will look at how your study is presently going, discuss changes of course or options for change of direction post course. It includes choosing a career area, examining your interest, abilities and skills for the graduate market, personality type, values and personal circumstances. It will include also covering post graduate options including specialist vocational training, career focus, and gaining experience within a career field.

Before the session assessments are sent out to look at the areas above to help produce the best career options for you. A detailed report is given following the session that outlines next action to take, contact and links to progress you forward.

One to one career sessions that take 90 minutes which will examine your position in the graduate market both locally and nationally.

This is specifically to look at choosing a postgraduate course which can be difficult and this advice session will consider the pros and cons of postgraduate study for you. It will last 60 minutes.

This advice session will focus on your strengths and weaknesses in relation to presenting yourself to employers at graduate entry level. This is a 60 minute session and will take into account your academic, employment and work experience background. It will provide you with where to find relevant graduate positions.

This session will provide you with a CV targeted to specific graduate entry positions. This session takes 60 minutes and will result in a CV that you can use to target graduate employment vacancies.

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