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Adult Guidance


Sessions are available at 90 minutes. This time allows a thorough analysis of areas of need will be undertaken focusing on four main areas; self-awareness, opportunity awareness, transition management and decision making. In addition to the session itself, assessments are carried out to explore your interests and motivation, ability and skills, personality type and values. We also take into consideration health and personal circumstances. We also can look at your CV or applications if this is something that you need as part of the process. The session focuses on what you feel are your most important needs.

The interview will give you realistic personal goals to follow. Relevant information and further contact points will be given on the personalised action plan report. The report contains the results of the assessments, the session and links with contact information so that you can put into action the plan that has been discussed.

This interview would follow a diagnostic interview and would tackle problems that have arisen or other issues that have arisen since the first interviews. These are available at 60 minute sessions. The session is designed to measure and look at progress. It also includes a follow-on action plan and e-mail support is provided.

This is a 90 minute session which is for individuals undergoing significant life change and who need help to change career direction by choice or through circumstances being enforced such as redundancy or ill health.

These sessions last 60 minutes. They involve assessment of your skills, abilities, past employment and educational experience. Also the type of applications you are going for will be discussed and advice given on appropriateness and other information given on the actual filling out of the application such as the personal statement. This will cover how it should be laid out, organised, meeting criteria given in the job details and person specification. Background research and company intelligence is part of this focus.

This is a 60 minute session and will result in a finished CV being emailed to your and taking away a hard copy. A portfolio of styles will be provided and advice given on which best would suit your present circumstances.

This is a 90 minute session. This is a personal information session on how to best present at interview. An analysis is done first to see how your previous experience of interviews has gone, or if this is your first time at interview what you are finding most concerning. It will relate to the interview criteria sent and also background information on the type of organisation and likely interview and questions style you need to be prepared for.

This differs greatly on the type of organisation and role for which you are applying and this forms part of the process.

This session takes 90 minutes. This covers different presentation methods, looking in detail into the criteria needed for the presentation. The session will look at your individual needs.

At any point you can have further session as follow on sessions for an hour can be arranged and cost £40.00. Email support and phone support can be provided free as long as it is within a 15 minute length of commitment and you area already a customer.

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