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Independent professional private all age career guidance

AS Careers is an all age careers advice and guidance service. The company has been running since 2006. It is based in Norwich, Norfolk but offers services UK wide. Founded by Ann Starkie, AS Careers provide professional, independent careers advice, guidance and consultancy services.

Ann Starkie


What our clients say

When you have a bright, intelligent, high achiever in your family it’s great making plans and looking forward to the future, it’s easy and everybody is helpful and behind you. Then when things go differently, and your child becomes ill or depressed stemming from unhappiness or illness you as a parent hit a brick wall and all of a sudden there is no help or interest and you feel very alone. Where do you turn for help and advice?

We found Ann Starkie and made an appointment for Carrie to go through everything, which was the road to a new beginning.

Ann has suffered illness herself and totally understands where young people are coming from that it’s not a miracle cure but a step in a new direction. If you listen and begin to put in place her suggestions, you will move forward and she is there every step of the way if you need her or in the background if not.

I cannot recommend Ann enough if you are struggling with life choices and where to go next, she will do all in her power to help you. I have one piece of advice. Take a leap of faith and go for it.

Victoria and Carrie-rose Kerrison

Applying to Universities can be a daunting task, but with Ann’s help it was much easier. She encouraged me to choose universities within my academic abilities and a course which would give me a wide range of employment opportunities when I graduate. She encouraged me to fill in practice forms and checked my personal statement so that I gave the best impression of myself. Thanks to Ann I was offered a place at all the universities I applied to and I was able to meet the conditions of my first choice university.

Lucy, Dereham

Ann has transformed my life. She gave me the confidence to quit my stale job and follow my dreams. Supporting me every step of the way, Ann’s knowledge and passion to help has encouraged me to realise my potential and complete an Access course and continue my education at degree level, which is a scary prospect for a mature student. I encourage anyone seeking career advice or guidance to contact AS Careers; it will change your life forever!

Rebecca, Wramplingham

Ann was very constructive, personable and non-judgemental. She was very open and helped me discuss past and present issues as well as future aims in a relaxed environment. Ann helped me in not feeling pressured to make a decision immediately and allow me to think through my options.

Tina, Wymondham

Ann gave me direction into the area of work that I was most suited to. Ann helped narrow down my interests to Graphic Design. I am now applying for a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design. She gave me useful contacts in the industry that could help me.

Patrick, Norwich

On my first meeting with Ann she was able to quickly give me clear direction to my career choice. I found her very easy to talk to, nothing was too much trouble. She really put structure to my thoughts and we soon had a good strategy worked out. I applied to University and was amazed and pleased to receive offers from all of my choices.

Tim, Blofield

Ann helped me realise which career I was most suited to by assessing what I was like as a person and applying my personal likes and dislikes to specific jobs. She professionally devised a detailed and accurate action plan which I followed to gain the relevant experience that launched me into my new job. Ann is a credit to the careers guidance profession who goes that extra mile to deliver a quality service.

Mark, Horsford

When I first met Ann I was not impressed with her claims about assisting with the writing of my CV, because I had been to a careers adviser before who had advised me incorrectly on a CV and nearly cost me a job. So when I contacted Ann I was not sure at all about her ability to help me. However I thought I would give it a second go and I duly sent Ann a copy of my CV not expecting anything good to come of it. I then had to eat my words, several days later a nice new shiny CV appeared in my e-mails. It was well presented and quite frankly amazing, so amazing that other people at work that have seen it have asked for photo copies so they can imitate the style. I found Ann to be friendly, approachable and very very helpful.

I have since had the opportunity to speak to Ann on several occasions and she is always supportive. If wish I had known Ann all those years ago.

G4S Client

Ann was extremely helpful to me with regard to getting back into the work-place and also with getting up to speed with new interview techniques and CV building.

Ann is also a great listener to what her clients need from her and is very astute as to where skills and talents are strong and is totally committed to her clients success in achieving their goals.

I personally found Ann’s input invaluable, she has helped me to sort out direction and has given me loads of help and information towards career courses.

Trish, Next Step Client, Norfolk

Ann Starkie is a very inspirational woman who continuously sends out positive vibes to all she comes into contact with. She takes substantial time and effort to understand each individual she works with and helps them in finding their right path. Through working with her, she has successfully helped many individuals who had hit a barrier and did not know where to go next. Whether it be helping discover strengths and weaknesses or how to write a successful CV Ann provides a high level of service and puts her heart and soul into people.

Charlie Brown – Permanent Desk Recruitment Consultant, Norwich
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