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Flexibility: The key to changing your career at 40

changing career at 40

Changing your career at 40 can be perfectly manageable – as I’ve demonstrated for Changing careers at 30 and 50 year olds changing career in previous posts. At 40 years old an individual is still young enough to cope with the physical demands of a new job, but old enough to have collected valuable experience. But, whether […]

The AS Careers guide to Effective Career downsizing

career downsizing

Not everyone who comes to me is looking to climb up the career ladder – often people come seeking my advice about descending it. Perhaps you’ve had a well paid, prestigious job but you’ve had enough of the pressures and demands of that position.  You might start thinking about working in a different way that […]

Managing career change over 50 successfully

career change over 50

It is becoming increasingly common for people to be looking for work or a career change over 50. Sometimes they have been made redundant or they might be embarking on a career change, which is more common throughout our lifetime of paid employment than it used to be. It can be quite a shock coming […]

How can National Careers Week help me?

events calendar

National Careers Week is held between 3rd and 7th of March 2014. It is held at the same time every year and is aimed at adults looking for help with anything to do with their career. Although the event is mainly aimed at adults, you can also find information on the National Careers Service website […]

Real life success story of successful career transition

successful career transition

Around 40% of the people who come for advice at AS Careers are looking for help with university, college applications or some type of lifestyle change. The remaining 60% (the majority!) of my clients are going through some kind of career transition and require career transition management. Tools and methods used to aid successful career […]

Thinking of changing careers at 30? Read this first!

changing career at 30

Many people start thinking about changing careers at 30 – as you reach this age, the career choice you made 10 years ago at college or university now might seem unfulfilling. Your career may no longer be suitable for your lifestyle you are now living; or you have the commitments of family and the financial responsibilities […]