First steps to back to work after unemployment

work after unemploymentThere are lots of different reasons that somebody might find themselves unemployed – many councils are planning to make deep cutbacks in 2015 which are likely to result in redundancies, for example.

Some people become sick and can’t keep doing the job they were doing, others may be sacked for one reason or another.

Do they share common issues when attempting to get back into work?

If you’d been made redundant there is often an emotional hurdle to get over before anything constructive can take place.

It can take a while to grieve for your previous job – you might have lots of bad feelings towards your employers or colleagues. Often people are being made unemployed quite suddenly it can be quite a shock.

The sooner you are able to let those go and look objectively at the positives of the situation the better.

Think about what you most want to do before actually sitting down to send out CVs,  Otherwise what can happen is that you end up applying for jobs you don’t actually want!

It’s worth having a cooling off period.  If you’re redundant due to illness, for example, you may have to completely rethink what you’re capable of doing before you start looking for future jobs.

Consider going to talk a counsellor or careers adviser like me, they should help you get a very clear picture of what your options are likely to be.

The first actions that anyone looking for a new job should do?

Often the first thing I tell recently unemployed clients to do is make a list.

List the following things that you are looking for in your next job.

  • What are your absolutes? Things you can live without and are not prepared to compromise on.

  • What are your variables?  Things that you’re prepared to negotiate on.

If, for example, you have had a change of circumstances, things that you were previously able to do may no longer be viable.

It might become an absolute, for example, that you can’t travel long distances or are unable to do a job that involves standing for long periods.

Also included in the list things you would like to do that are achievable.  This might be the hours you’re prepared to work, the location, what skills you have, your past achievements and what work you’ve enjoy the most.

Reducing the impact of long periods of unemployment on career prospects

If you’ve been unemployed for anything more than 3 months it will start to impact your CV.

On paper if you look like you’ve spent a long time doing nothing, you become a lot less desirable to an employer.

Try to do something to fill that space – as soon as you can do an online course from home , or sign up for training to top up your skills. Another way of filling those gaps is by doing some voluntary work.

There are free training courses available which your Job Centre should be able to tell you about.  Alternatively look into Academy run courses or contact Learning Direct.

Have you got any tips or experience of returning to work?

Have you had to return to a job or career after a period of not working? if so was there anything that helped you which I haven’t included above?

If there is get in touch and let me know – I’m always looking for new ways to help people get the career they want!

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