Students and Graduates

Careers Services for Graduates

One to one guidance Interviews

This is a 1-2 hour interview depending on need which will examine your position in the graduate market both locally and nationally.

  • It will explore your graduate skills, aptitudes, abilities as well as your interests and personal circumstances.
  • It will look at past academic achievement and consider how best to match these to the first time graduate market.
  • Relevant employer, or training contacts and further action points will be included in the personalised action plan.

Advice on Postgraduate Study

Choosing a postgraduate course can be difficult and this advice session will consider the pros and cons of postgraduate study for you.

  • You will have the chance to discuss chosen institutions and types of postgraduate course.
  • Outcomes of post graduate study will form part of the advice process as will feasibility and assessment of value.
  • Advice on possible avenues for financial assistance for study can be discussed if required. An action sheet will be given at the end of the advice session.

Jobsearch for the graduate market

This advice session will focus on your strengths and weaknesses in relation to presenting yourself to employers at graduate entry level.

  • Your chosen career area and how to target specific employers will be examined.
  • Advice will be given on redefining and marketing yourself to match what employers want.
  • Advice may be offered on approaching employers speculatively, establishing networks to increase employment possibilities and undertaking unpaid or temporary contracts to initially get recognised.
  • Information is provided on how to approach graduate selection interviews and tests as may be necessary. An individual advice sheet will be given at the end of the session.
  • Part of this service can include how to phrase a covering letter and approach a company speculatively to gain work experience or an initial position.
  • Types of covering letters will be examined alongside a proforma to help you structure the letter in a well thought out concise way.
  • Opening lines and closing lines will be covered as well as use of language in the letter and in correspondence. Grammatical rules and appropriate use of signature endings are also demonstrated.

The graduate CV

This session will provide you with a CV targeted to specific graduate entry positions.

  • It may be for a particular position or employer in mind or more generally making a CV that can be distributed appropriately to graduate employers or agencies.
  • It will include a personal profile highlighting your proven track record and any distinctions so far that set your apart.
  • It will look at gaps that may suggest a need for specific future action.

Coaching for graduate interviews, assessment and testing

Specific graduate psychometric testing can be found in the assessment section.

  • Coaching sessions are available to graduates who are facing assessment centre or testing as part of the selection process.
  • General interview advice is covered including structuring answers in a logical and concise way, how to answer the question asked, demonstrating relevant knowledge and experience within an answer through case study and like me, like you compatibility.