Services for Young People

Careers Services for Young People

One to one guidance interviews

A 1 or 2 hour guidance session which will help you decided what career you may be suitable for and be interested in.

  • We will look at all the aspects involved in making a well informed realistic career decision and look any any barriers you may have to progress.
  • You will take away an action plan, careers information and any contacts you require.

Follow on advice interviews

This 1 hour session will help you to follow up your career plans or ideas.

  • It will provide you with further help and look at challenges you have to taking action or following a particular goal.
  • A follow on action plan will be given with careers information and contacts.

Application advice for further study or work applications

This is a focused session between 1 hour or 2 hours looking at specific applications you may have to complete.

  • It will look to see if you are on target for your application to the organisation or for the job or course you are considering.
  • It will examine your choice of courses or job role and their suitability.
  • Specific advice on presentation of the application will be given. It will help you with providing evidence for a personal statement within the application.
  • You will take away an advice sheet for reference.

UCAS application advice

This is a specific service for those advanced level students who are applying to university in the next year or through deferred entry.

  • The session will involve individual advice on choice of course, suitability of course, choice of institution, targeting and point scores/grade requirements and personal statement advice.
  • It will include a follow up phone call after results (if wanted) and an advice sheet to take away.

School workshops and advice sessions

This service is for work with individuals in schools or groups of young people in school requiring help with career options, aspirations, application advice,specialist services for example entry to Oxford and Cambridge or work with disadvantaged or talented individuals.

Projects in schools/outreach/organisations

This is a service based on need of the organisation or school.

This service can be tailor made around a specific need the organisation may have and before and after project data collected to show value to pupils and help organisations or schools show pupil enhancement.