Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Tests and Assessments

AS Careers offers a variety of Psychometric Tests and Assessments, qualified through BPS certificates of competency in both Ability and Personality Testing.

The tests and assessments are offered on the assessment of individual need. All assessments and tests undertaken at AS Careers are followed by a 1 hour feedback session to help clients interpret, understand and discuss results appropriately.

AS Careers operates a responsible service with regard to Psychometric Testing and Assessment and as such the following information is advised for any potential clients to read.

What is a Psychometric Assessment?

In simple terms a Psychometric Assessment is a way of measuring defined factors for example abilities. An example of an ability test would be a Driving Test.

It is important that the Psychometric Assessment, Test or tools used are reliable (i.e. they have been proven previously to give results you can trust over and over again) and that they are valid for the purpose they are being used i.e. (they are appropriate and designed for that use).

Remember that a test or assessment will only give your results based on what it was designed for.

What types of Psychometric Assessment are there?

There are many different types of Psychometric Assessment and Tests. An assessment may look at one specific area for example your interests or your personality. Other types of Psychometric assessment may look at a combination for example your interests with aptitudes or abilities.

What are Psychometric Assessments used for?

Psychometric assessments and tests may be used to:

  • Help with career decisions
  • Help with career choice
  • Help with choices of courses for example which course to take at University
  • Help you know yourself a little better and in turn help you with types of jobs or work environments which would suit you better. For example Personality tests.
  • Selection for interview
    (some companies, universities and agencies may use Psychometric tests or work based task assessments to work out who should be selected for a job interview or given a job.

How might an assessment help me?

A Psychometric assessment or test may help you:

  • Know more about what you like and don’t like
  • Know more about what your strengths and weakenesses are
  • May help give you more information that can help you choose a career or course
  • May tell you something that you were not aware of about yourself or help you to understand yourself better
  • Is an objective measure of certain designed factors so it is not biased or subjective like interviews may be. It can be added to an interview for example to make a selection or career decision better informed.

Are Psychometric assessments a good thing to do?

It is very important that you go to a qualified practitioner if you are thinking of doing any kind of psychometric assessment or test.

This is because using the wrong test for a certain purpose or not being able to understand what the test results mean can be a bad thing and lead to false interpretation.

What should you look for?

The British Psychological Society lays down criteria for all test adminstration in the UK.

These criteria are accredited by the Psychological Testing Centre. For different types of test different qualifications are needed by those conducting the tests.

The following qualifications are recognised in the UK.

  • Level A – Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing
  • Level B – Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing Intermediate and Intermediate Plus

A Chartered Psychologist who has Level A or/and Level B in occupational testing.

  • Level A tests are: interests, abilities, aptitude tests, trait testing.
  • Level B tests are: those that involve greater knowledge and interpretation i.e. Personality Tests.

How do I find out what test is right for me?

You should be advised or required to take a test (in the case of selection) by a qualified test administrator.

The type of test you will need should be based on an assessment of what you need, what is in your best interests and how it might help you.

In the cases of selection a company, agency or university will choose a designated test that has a proven track record for the type of job/course they are looking to recruit for.

For further information on Psychometric Testing in the UK go to

On this site there is a directory of qualified testers with details. This shows whether these testers are qualified in either Level A or Levels A and B.