Changing Careers

Careers Services for Adults

Diagnostic Interviews

Interviews are available at either 1 hour or 2 hour options. An analysis of areas of need will be undertaken focusing on four main areas; self-awareness, opportunity awareness, transition management and decision making.

We will explore your skills, aptitudes, interests and take into consideration health and personal circumstances.

The interview will give you realistic personal goals to follow. Relevant information and further contact points will be given on the personalised action plan.

Follow on Interviews

This interview would follow a diagnostic interview and would tackle problems that have arisen or other issues that have arisen since the first interviews.

  • A defined 1 hour interview designed to measure and look at progress.
  • A follow on action plan and e-mail support is provided.

Job Applications Advice/Coaching

Your skills, abilities, past employment and educational experience will be analysed to help you focus on a particular position.

  • Background research and company intelligence is part of this focus.
  • Your skills will be examined against the competency specifications asked for in the application.
  • Further career development needs and training will be identified. An advice sheet reminder is provided for you to take away.

CV Design and production

A portfolio of styles will be provided and advice given on which best would suit your present circumstances.

  • Analysis of your skills and experience will be made to help your CV stand out to potential employers giving you a professional edge.
  • Use of CV’s will be covered to make sure that you use CV’s appropriately and 10 hard copies provided if requested.
  • CV’s can be e-mailed, or burnt on to disk or USB key as required.

Interview skills and last minute panic support

This is a personal information session on how to best present at interview.

This differs greatly on the type of organisation and role for which you are applying and this forms part of the process.

  • Focused solutions will be given on areas of need including problems such as first impressions, verbal and non-verbal communication, skills, deficits in experience, overcoming nerves and marketing yourself effectively.
  • Discussion of issues such as work culture and compliance will take place. A personalised advice sheet will be provided to take away.
  • The Last Minute Panic Support (LMPS) service is provided on the phone or via e-mail or skype to any one just about to have an interview and needing quick coaching to either go over points found in previous sessions or help from scratch at the last minute.
  • This is a short service of 20 -30 minutes and points can be e-mailed if there is time.

Presentation Skills Training

Different presentation methods will be outlined. The session will look at your individual needs.

  • It will teach you how to plan, time and execute a presentation professionally and to do so with the audience in mind.
  • Coaching will be provided for overcoming fear and past problems, making a great first impression and using visual aids effectively.
  • Useful tips such as memory joggers and keeping to the point outlined will be covered.
  • An advice sheet will be provided along with helpful further reading and visual material.

Career change/Redundancy coaching

This service is for individuals undergoing significant life change and who may be looking for support that is longer term.

  • Sessions will cover looking at where you are now, strengths and weaknesses you may have currently and looking at increasing personal control over the forthcoming change period.
  • There is not a prescribed number of sessions but sessions usually last 45 mins – 1hour each time.