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How to write a covering email

covering email letter

Just as with a covering letter, the covering emails for job applications will be the first thing a potential employer finds out about you – so you better make it good! Last year I shared an extract from my 2009 book Winning Cover Letters for First-Time Job Hunters and included a cover letter template to get people […]

Flexibility: The key to changing your career at 40

changing career at 40

Changing your career at 40 can be perfectly manageable – as I’ve demonstrated for Changing careers at 30 and 50 year olds changing career in previous posts. At 40 years old an individual is still young enough to cope with the physical demands of a new job, but old enough to have collected valuable experience. But, whether […]

Job Application Cover Letter Template


A CV tells the person in an organisation receiving your application what skills and qualities you have to do a job – very important – but the first thing that person is likely to see is your Covering Letter. The covering letter tells the person why you want the job and, particularly, why you want to work in their […]

First steps to back to work after unemployment

work after unemployment

There are lots of different reasons that somebody might find themselves unemployed – many councils are planning to make deep cutbacks in 2015 which are likely to result in redundancies, for example. Some people become sick and can’t keep doing the job they were doing, others may be sacked for one reason or another. Do they […]

The AS Careers guide to Effective Career downsizing

career downsizing

Not everyone who comes to me is looking to climb up the career ladder – often people come seeking my advice about descending it. Perhaps you’ve had a well paid, prestigious job but you’ve had enough of the pressures and demands of that position.  You might start thinking about working in a different way that […]

Stay at home mother going back to work?

stay at home mother

When I had my daughter I took about a year off work – so I have some first-hand experience of being a stay at home mum (but far from an easy career option!) I have also had another gap in my career of approximately 4 months, when I moved from one area of the country […]

Getting back to work after mental health problems

returning to work

Getting back to work after mental illness shares many of the same issues that you would face when returning to employment after any type of illness. First of all – Make sure that you are as honest as possible in your application. If you have an on-going mental health issue it is important that you […]

What to ask at university open days

What to ask at university open days

For many of us choosing the right university is one of the biggest decisions we’ll have to make –  no one choice is likely to have as much of an impact on our future career as this! That’s why going to university open days is so important to help you develop an informed opinion. It can […]